Python: The DIYers Programming Language


While there are plenty of powerful languages you can learn, from Javascript to C++, none lend themselves to DIY projects quite like Python, and things just got a lot better for those of us who like to tinker and dream. Keep reading while we explain why it’s so great and what you can do with it.

Python Programming is Easy

Python is easy to learn and use, in part because the syntax is easy to read, which makes it easier to determine where you are going wrong or how other programmers tackle a particular problem.

Python is Versatile

The next thing that makes Python essential for DIYers is that the language is very versatile and suitable for a wide variety of tasks, from website design to artificial intelligence. Python is quite likely the programming language you will use when doing data analysis, hacking, and cyber security, as well as building drones and robots with a Raspberry Pi.

Python is Modular

Python is a modular language, meaning that you can put smaller pieces of code together to create larger programs, which is perfect for many DIYers who have limited time. The modularity of Python allows them to start with prototypes they can develop later. It also means you can reuse your code, in some cases, helping you to reduce the amount of time it takes to develop a new idea.

Python has Extensive Ready-Made Libraries

Another huge benefit to the modularity of Python is the extensive ready-made libraries that already exist for the language. If you spend a little time researching, you can likely find already-made code to do just about anything you can imagine, and it only takes a line of code to add one of those libraries into Python and start using them.

Python has a Huge Community.

Along with the extensive library you will find available for Python, you will find a huge community to go along with it, ready to help with any question and point you in the right direction, making it easy to learn Python up to any skill level.

Python and OpenAI Work Well Together

It’s very common to use the Python language to set up GPTs and use the OpenAI API, so it will be a lot easier to do this sort of work if you know the language, but one of the biggest benefits of Python to DIYers is that ChatGPT is great at writing small bits of code so there is a good chance you can explain to ChatGPT what you want to have it will give you the complete code in a few seconds that you can copy and paste.

If you haven’t already, download Python for free and give it a try. Then keep following Geeksided to learn some great tricks!!