WWDC 2024 Highlights: iOS 18, macOS 15, and More

In this photo illustration, the Apple iOS 18 and Siri AI...
In this photo illustration, the Apple iOS 18 and Siri AI... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

If you weren’t at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) yesterday, you missed out on some big announcements from Apple, but keep reading, and we’ll ensure you’re up to speed with what’s coming out and what people are saying about it.

iOS 18

One of the biggest announcements at the WWDC was the launching of the new Apple iOS 18 operating system, which finally brings AI capabilities to the platform. People have been anticipating the inclusion of AI since Windows added CoPilot a short while back, and some of the things you can do with it in Apple include photo editing via voice or text commands, summaries in Safari, and voice memo transcriptions.

iOS 18 will also support RCS messaging, which will improve the experience for both parties when texting someone on a non-Apple device.

macOS 15

MacOS 15, officially named Sequoia, will also include AI capabilities that will help you write, create, and manage photos, and much more. It will also include iPhone mirroring so you can switch between your devices seamlessly. You can even use the keyboard and tracker pad on your laptop to work on the phone. Other features include updates to window tiling, video conferencing, security, maps, and more.

visionOS 2

Apple also announced the first major update to the Vision Pro at the WWDC. New features include more native apps, real-time captioning of spoken dialogue, and upgrades to the Mindfulness app. They also promise panoramic views of your desktop, guest inclusion, persona enhancements, and more. It should also roll out to international users later this year.

watchOS 11, tvOS 18, and iPadOS 18

Apple announced that their watches, TVs, and iPads will also receive many of the same updates as iOS 18, which will help make the user experience more consistent across the various devices. The new Calculator app for iPad is getting a lot of attention, as are accessibility improvements in CarPlay.

General Reactions

General reactions seem to be generally positive about the upcoming updates, with many happy to hear about the new AI features and emphasis on security. However, some are cautiously waiting to see how the new features get implemented before giving an opinion.

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