Why the Shure MV7+ Mic Might Be the Best Yet

Jeff J Mitchell/GettyImages

The Shure MV7 is a popular mic due to its amazing clarity and ease of use. Recently, they released the SM7+, which brings even more amazing features to the table. However, there are a few things that it left out.

MV7 Features

  • It’s easy to use in any situation, thanks to its XLR jack, which is perfect for plugging into hardware, like a preamp or mixing board. It also has a Micro-USB jack for plugging it into your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • It comes with software that helps you set the mic up for streaming.
  • Headphone jack for latency-free monitoring while recording.
  • A built-in DSP remembers your settings when you change devices, so you don’t need to do the entire set-up process again if you want to use the mic in another location.

MV7+ Upgrades

One of our favorite upgrades is the choice of going with USB-C instead of Micro-USB. It’s faster, easier to use, and is more durable.

The MV7+ features a streamlined design that removes all of the on-board controls except for the touch-sensitive mute button and replaces them with an attractive customizable light bar that will look great in your podcasts. The volume and other controls are still available through the app.

If you are familiar with the MV7, the first thing you will notice about the MV7+ is its slightly larger size, which is due to the new built-in windscreen. This windscreen can help reduce pops and air noises. It can really improve the sound quality of your recordings, especially if the person behind the mic is inexperienced in using it.

The Shure MV7+ also adds real time noise reduction and reverb.

MV7+ Cons

To use the MV7+, you need to mount it to a boom or a stand, meaning that you will need to spend extra money if you don’t already have those items. A few kits are available to purchase but at a considerable upcharge. Many other brands that often cost far less will include at least a small table stand so you can start using it immediately.

Another con of the MV7+ is that it only has a directional cardioid pattern, meaning it works best when picking up sounds it’s pointed at. The cardioid pattern is perfect for podcasts and interviews. However, other patterns, like hyper-cardioid, would let you capture sounds from behind the mic as well, opening up its versatility as a recording tool.

Is the Shure MV7+ Worth the Upgrade?

If you are getting into podcasts, have a home recording studio, or are looking to upgrade your current mic, the Shure MV7+ is definitely worth some consideration. It sounds and looks great, and the move to USB-C and the inclusion of a built-in windscreen put it in a professional category. However, don’t forget to budget for a stand or boom if you don't already have one.

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