Unlock Productivity: The Best Free AI Tools for 2024

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If you are in need of some new tools to boost productivity, you are in luck. The recent advancement in AI technology has brought some incredibly powerful tools to our fingertips, and many of them are free to use, especially if you are a small business or individual. Keep reading while we list some of the best.

Otter AI

If you want to get more out of team meetings, the real-time transcription and built-in AI of Otter AI Version 3 are sure to impress. OtterPilot will automatically join your  Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more and begin recording audio and capturing slides so you will have a record you can go over later to ensure you didn’t miss any important details. You can use it for free with up to five team members.

Notion AI

Notion is a platform perfect for project management, list-taking, vacation planning, content calendars, habit tracking, and much more. It works as well as other office applications, and you can use it for free with a small team, adding powerful AI capabilities for just a few dollars per month, which can help improve the speed of every aspect of your content creation.


Grammarly is an essential tool for anyone who types on a keyboard. It helps ensure that our spelling is correct and that proper grammar will make you sound more authoritative. You can use it for free, so there are no excuses, and you even get limited access to the new  GrammarlyGO update that uses AI to not only help you correct mistakes, but it can also rewrite entire sections of text if you need it to.


Tome is a platform that is especially useful for people trying to build sales. Dozens of editable templates help you create fundraising pitches, research reports, design portfolios, invent invites, and much more. Practically everything you need is here, and subscription plans bring in AI help and white glove support to help ensure you can make the templates work for you.

Adobe Firefly

If you need great images for business or social media, it can be a good idea to check out Adobe Firefly. You can use it for free to create up to 25 images per month or get a subscription for 100. You can also use Firefly for generative fill and generative expand, which can remove items from the background of images or change the background completely.

As artificial intelligence advances, these tools will advance with them. Getting started using them now can help ensure you keep up or surpass the competition.

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