Shocking Truth: AI Can Steal Your Voice! Here's How to Stop It

OpenAI Voice Engine
OpenAI Voice Engine / Anadolu/GettyImages

ChatGPT and AI have become extremely popular these last few years, and concerns about privacy and identity theft have grown along with them. One such concern is the unauthorized use of your voice by AI systems, especially after Scarlett Johansson recently accused OpenAI of doing just that with her voice. From creating deepfake audio to impersonating you in phone calls, the misuse of your voice is a serious issue.

The Unfortunate Truth - Deepfake Audio Is Real

AI can create realistic audio clips of your voice, making it seem like you said something you never did.

AI can clone your voice and use it for unauthorized purposes, like scam calls or fraudulent activities.

Criminals could use these recordings without your consent, leading to privacy and identity issues.

What Can I Do About It

  • Limit how often you share recordings of your voice in social media posts. Ai will need samples of your choice to clone or duplicate it, and the fewer you provide, the more difficult you will make it.
  • Limit who can access your social media posts to people you can trust.
  • Use encryption and secure communication channels to prevent someone from intercepting your voice data.
  • If you store voice recordings on cloud services, make sure they are encrypted and access is restricted.
  • Use anti-deep fake technology, like Deepware and Sensity, to detect and prevent deepfake audio. These tools can analyze audio for signs of manipulation and alert you to potential misuse.
  • Use voice verification systems, like Nuance Gatekeeper and Pindrop, which can distinguish between your real voice and an AI-generated clone.
  • Regularly update your devices and software to ensure you have the latest security patches and features.
  • Follow tech blogs, forums, and news sources, like Geeksided, to stay aware of new threats and protective measures.

If you discover that someone is using your voice without your consent, report it to the relevant authorities and seek legal advice. Document all instances of misuse to build a strong case.