Microsoft's Copilot + PC Outshines Apple with AI-Powered Performance Boosts

SOPA Images/GettyImages

Microsoft released a new kind of computer this week called the “Copilot + PC” that incorporates AI right into the operating system, which will help harness the power of the cloud and Edge to help bring users an unprecedented experience, improving usability, speed, privacy, and more.

AI-Powered Personal Computing Redefined

The Microsoft Copilot + PC initiative is one of the first to utilize neural processing units (NPUs) in computers, which will allow AI to run locally on any machine and complete more than 40 trillion operations per second. It will use chips from Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD and will also incorporate OpenAI’s new GPT-4o so users can get help with writing tasks, creating images, answering questions, and more.

Models that include the new initiative include the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.

Performance Benchmarks: Surpassing Apple

Microsoft claims that these new AI PCs even outperform Apple computers in various benchmarks with .5 times faster graphics performance and up to 21% faster multitasking capabilities compared to previous Surface models. The Surface Laptop 6 is their pride and joy, handling graphics at twice the speed of the Surface Laptop 6 and running applications 40% faster.

Microsoft states that the integrations will allow the computer to watch over the user, learning about them, so it can provide insights when needed and will be able to retrieve information and perform common operations, like switching between applications more quickly, providing a smoother, faster, more enjoyable user experience.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Features

Sensitive data will remain locked away and secure locally on the PC, including information in the new “Recall” feature, which will track your previous interactions, documents, settings, and activities, making it easier for users to pick up where they left off and find important information quickly.

Seamless Access to Windows 365 Cloud PCs

The new updates also make it easier to access Windows 365 Cloud PCs, and you can stream your personalized Windows experience on any device. You can also expect improved security for Windows 365  with support for multiple accounts, advanced IT management tools, and the Carbon Emissions Estimator tool, which will help you estimate the carbon impact​ of your device.

Innovative Creative Tools for Photos and Videos

The Photos app now includes a Generative Erase feature for removing unwanted objects from images, and Clipchamp now has a silence removal feature to improve video editing.​

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