How Microwave Radiation May Be Causing Havana Syndrome and How to Protect Yourself

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If you have been watching the news lately, you might have heard of a series of mysterious medical symptoms first reported by U.S. and Canadian embassy staff in Havana, Cuba, in late 2016, where several people started experiencing pain in the ears, vision problems, dizziness, headaches, cognitive issues, and sleep disturbances after hearing a strange noise. At first, the syndrome affected only U.S. and Canadian diplomatic staff and their families, but later, there were reports of it occurring around the world.

Scientific Investigations

Early medical tests suggested that the problems people were suffering from resembled mild traumatic brain injury, and MRI scans showed changes in white matter tracts in the brains of some sufferers.

Potential Causes

Acoustic Attack Hypothesis

Some scientists suggested that the injury was due to an acoustic attack since many of the victims heard a loud noise. However, they later ruled that theory out.

Microwave Radiation

A more plausible theory currently under investigation is that the problems were the result of directed pulsed microwave radiation, and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine supports the idea. Research on animals has shown that directed pulsed microwave radiation can induce similar symptoms to those reported by Havana Syndrome sufferers.

Electromagnetic Studies

Studies on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body have found that certain frequencies and pulses can affect brain function and cause symptoms similar to those of the people affected in Havana.

Ongoing Investigations

The FBI, CIA, and Department of Defense, along with independent scientific organizations, continue to investigate the cause of the health issues suffered by the people in Havana. However, they have been unable to pinpoint a definitive reason.

Reports of similar symptoms in other parts of the world have prompted a broader investigation into whether the incidents are connected and whether they are the result of deliberate attacks or other environmental factors.

How Might Someone Get Attacked By Microwave Radiation?

Unfortunately, directed energy weapons can target individuals or locations from a distance. They can be quite small, and attackers can mount them in vehicles or drones or place them in a stationary installation disguised as another object. Microwaves can penetrate most building materials, so individuals inside buildings are not necessarily safe from an attack.

Detection and Defense

Detecting an attack can be difficult because there is no noise or visible evidence. While there is equipment that can detect microwaves, there is no way to know where an attack will occur. However, you can protect your home and personal well-being with a large Faraday cage, similar to the one we show you how to make to protect your computer from solar flares.