Get Ready for PS5 Pro: Performance Upgrades and More


There is a lot of anticipation building around the new PS5 Pro that is supposed to be released later this year, Especially since a lot of people believe Rockstar is purposely delaying the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 to wait for the new system. But how much better is it? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you what we know.

When Is the PlayStation 5 Pro Coming Out?

While they have not yet released the exact release date of the PlayStation 5 Pro, most believe it will be during the holiday season of 2024  Due to the way they’ve updated their systems in the past.

What Performance Upgrades Will the PlayStation Five Pro Have?


The PS5 Pro will have the same CPU, but it will operate at a higher clock speed, boosting it to 3.85 GHz, which is an increase of 10%.

The GPU will see significant enhancements, especially in ray tracing. It will provide 33.5 teraflops of power, which is more than triple the 10.28 teraflops of the PS5.

Memory and Storage

The PS5 Pro will continue to use 16GB of GDDR6 RAM but with a higher clock speed of 18 GT/s compared to 14 GT/s in the PS5. In simple terms, you will get a 28% increase in memory bandwidth.

Upscaling Technology

The PS5 Pro will introduce machine learning-based upscaling technology called PlayStation Spectral Resolution (PSSR), which will upscale games rendered at 1080p to 4K with improved visual quality​. The PS5 Pro will also have enhanced rendering efficiency and performance.

Cooling and Design

The PS5 Pro is expected to use an enhanced version of the liquid metal cooling system found in the PS5 to handle the increased workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the PS5 Pro Have a Detachable Disc Drive?

The PS5 Pro will likely have a removable disk drive like the new PS5 Slim.

Will the PS5 Pro Have Audio Improvements?

Sony will improve the audio driver in the PS5 Pro, Which should result in a significant performance boost, especially in 3D environments.

Will The PS5 Pro Have a New Controller?

No mention has been made yet about a new controller accompanying the PS5 Pro.

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