From Captions to Gardening: How ChatGPT4o Transforms Image Utility

Chat GPT - 4o
Chat GPT - 4o / Anadolu/GettyImages

While image creation is one of the more popular things that people use generative AI for, the recent release of ChatGPT4o brought a lot of new features that people might not yet be aware of that will help you use images in new ways and increase your productivity.

Image Captioning

Now that ChatGPT can see an image that you upload, it can provide you with a relevant caption for it, which can be helpful for storage and making social media posts or alt text.

Image Analysis and Interpretation

OpenAI can scan your images and pick out objects, and might even be able to determine who is in a photograph.

Creative Storytelling

AI can look at an image you upload and create a story around it based on the details you give in the prompt.

Get Tips On Your Appearance

 You can upload a photo of yourself or a friend and get tips on glasses, hats, and other fashionwear.


If you find a photo and want to know more about it, you can try uploading it to see if ChatGPT can tell you something. It can be a great way to learn about objects you see in the images and the timeframe of the photography.

Better Gardening

You might have seen GPTs that can help you with your gardening in the past, but with the new release, you can take a picture of your plant to get advice about how to help it grow better. It can look at the image and help you determine what the cause of the problem is. It can also help you determine what an unknown plant is and help you answer many other questions about your garden that would have been much more difficult to get a few months ago.

Data Visualization

One of the most powerful things you can do with images is data visualization. If you have a document with a lot of data, you can upload a screenshot of it so the AI can sort it however you want. It can also analyze the data and give you detailed reports about what it sees. For instance, you can snap a picture of your net grocery receipt to have ChatGPT put the items into a spreadsheet and even provide tips on how you might cut costs by choosing a cheaper brand, using coupons, etc.