Find My iPhone: How to Track and Recover Your Lost Device

Losing your iPhone sucks. Keep reading to find out how to get it back!
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Use the “Find My” App

The easiest way to locate a lost iPhone is to use Apple’s Find My app, which can track your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other Apple products.

  • Sign in to the Find My app from another Apple device.
  • Select the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen and choose your iPhone from the list. The app uses the Find My Network, a crowdsourced network that uses Bluetooth on nearby Apple products to find missing devices.
  • The Find My app will show your phone’s location on a map. If your phone is offline, it will show its last known location.


If you don’t have another Apple device you can use to access the Find My app, you can find your phone using

  • Access from any browser.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and select Find iPhone to see your phone’s location on a map.

Play a Sound

If you can't find the exact location of your iPhone, try having it play an audible sound to help locate it.

  • In the Find My app, select your device and tap Play Sound. Your iPhone will emit a loud tone even if it’s on silent.

Enable Lost Mode

If you still can't find your phone, enable Lost Mode to lock your device and display a message with a contact number on the lock screen.

  • In the Find My app or on, select your device and tap or click Mark As Lost.
  • Follow the prompts to enter a phone number where someone who finds the phone can reach you.

Notify Law Enforcement

If you believe your phone was stolen, notify the authorities and file a report. Provide them with the serial number of your iPhone, which you can find on the original box, receipt, or in your Apple ID account under device information.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure that Find My iPhone is always enabled in your device settings: Settings > [Your Name] > Find My > Find My iPhone.
  • Enable Send Last Location to automatically send the device’s location to Apple when the battery is critically low.

For more information, visit Apple’s official support page.

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