Are Aliens Already Here? Exploring the Harvard Hypothesis

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Aliens visiting our planet have been a fascinating subject for decades. The list of eyewitness accounts and stories about abductions and interactions is virtually endless. Still, it never really caught on in the scientific community, largely due to some problems with the idea, like how they get here when we can’t find any evidence of life, even with the new James Webb telescope.

Recently, a group of esteemed Harvard academics put forth a compelling proposition-what if aliens have been living among us all along? They suggest that these extraterrestrial beings could be living here, completely undetected, without the need for long-distance space travel.

Are Aliens Living In The Moon?

One idea is that the aliens could be living under the surface of the moon. Some conspiracy theorists even point out that many of the craters appear to be at the same depth, and the moon rings when struck as if it were hollow.

Could Aliens Be Living Underwater?

We know less about our oceans than we do about outer space, so there is a good chance that what we are calling alien life is really life from the deep sea (if we are seeing anything at all). Since many evolutionary theories suggest we came from the ocean as we evolved into more complex animals, the same may have happened underwater, with those beings having the potential to be more advanced since they didn’t have to adapt to living on land.

Could Aliens Be People Who Live Underground?

There are well-documented ecosystems deep within the Earth’s crust, far from sunlight, that thrive in extreme conditions. Some are miles below the surface and larger than entire states. Underground worlds and civilizations exist in many myths and legends, including those from the Mayan people. Lava is one possible way people could get the light they need to survive deep underground.

Could Aliens Be Living Among Us?

There are some who believe aliens crass landed here long ago and now live among us undetected. Many ancient texts depict beings that could be aliens, and several former government and military officials have made claims that the government has known about aliens for a long time.

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