King Tut’s Dagger from Outer Space

Okay, so King Tut’s dagger isn’t really from outer space, so I guess I fibbed a bit. But, hey, it got you click on the article, and that’s all that really matters, right?!?

But the dagger is kinda, sorta from outer space. The mysterious ancient Egyptian boy king named Tutankhamun is one of the most fascinating figures from history, and the make-up of his trusty dagger only adds to that mystique.

The “iron” dagger was placed into King Tut’s famous tomb, something that archaeologists and historians alike consider the Holy Grail of ancient monuments.

The dagger in question has been analyzed and scrutinized for years, and, thanks to an X-ray fluorescence spectrometry test performed by a research team made up of scientists from Italy and the Egyptian Museum, the contents of the knife have finally been revealed.

Composed of a conglomeration of iron, nickel and cobalt, the dagger appears to be of meteoritic origin, perhaps explaining why it was considered valuable enough to be placed in Tut’s tomb.

Apparently, ancient Egyptians valued meteoritic iron and used it to make ceremonial objects, such as Tut’s eye-catching dagger.

This revelation may also reveal why an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting what could be a meteor shower translates to “iron of the sky.”

Now, if scientists could only come to a conclusion regarding how he died, the legend of Tut would be complete.