Make any Simpsons scene into a Meme

For any Simpsons fan this is the ultimate treasure trove.

Frinkiac is a brand new website holding almost 3 million screen grabs from the world’s most loved animated sit-com. At the moment the vault includes every scene from season 1 through to season 15. Hopefully the creators Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young will add more seasons in the near future.

Click on the image, save it to your computer/phone/tablet and you have a genuine Simpsons meme

On the opening page you are confronted with Professor Frink and a dilemma: a search bar at the top of the page simply asks you to Search Screengrabs. Where do you begin? We’ve all seen the Simpsons (many times) but for this search you need to know the dialogue from the scene you want. The first scene that popped into my head was Chad Sexington from season 13 episode 5. Instantly the page was filled with scene grabs from that portion of the episode. For those of you who haven’t seen the episode, Homer plays a prank on Marge pretending to be the hunky Chad Sexington (a model from a brand of kitchen towels called Burly) using Ned’s phone. After the call, Ned asks if he’s playing a prank on his wife, to which Homer responds with “I was having a private conversation with my wife in the guise of Chad Sexington. Do you mind?” That’s the screengrab I chose.

Click on the image, save it to your computer/phone/tablet and you have a genuine Simpsons meme.

At this point I’m genuinely excited and desperately searching my brain for more Simpsons episodes… Sideshow Bob is my next thought. His name brings up a lot of scenes so I narrow the search with the words ‘Die Bart Die’ – there we go!

With my brain now tapped into The Simpsons, I’m flooded with animated memories and searching for the best and funniest memes to find and share via social media. Crazy Ned, Lisa’s wedding, Burns and the dalmations… there is so much content here you could spend hours/days/weeks scrolling through fifteen years of Simpsons history.

I do have a complaint though. The text is in the Simpsons font which is great, but as it doesn’t have a shadow it can sometimes clash with the background and be difficult to read. Hopefully this is something that can be updated.

Apart from that, Frinkiac is a genuine delight and somewhere you can happily while away many hours revisiting your favourite episodes and sharing the memes with your friends. It’s also a perfect gateway to leading you back to the show – I’m currently rewatching Season 13!