“Moov Chair” Serves as a Phone Charger

No, ladies and gentlemen, that’s not a promo for a revamped version of The Jetsons. That is real life. Now, thanks to designer Nathalie Teugels, the hyperactivity that seems to plague humanity these days can be of some benefit.

The “moov chair” uses pressure sensors that work by way piezoelectric crystals to produce energy that, in turn, charges one’s cell phone. And all one has to do is wiggle and squirm like a toddler while sitting in this post-modern, slightly uncomfortable-looking chair to incite the charging process.

Of course, it still requires a cord to plug the phone into a USB port in the arm of the chair, but it’s a quick and easy way to burn calories nonetheless. And it provides some payoff to the previously pointless, useless activity of sitting and staring at a cell phone screen for minutes hours on end.

Now, there’s already a similar charger on the market, except it attaches to a bicycle and charges as the pedals turn. But for those without bikes (and also those without drive and gumption), at least there’s the “moov chair” to help them feel a little less indolent while wasting away the day fiddling with their phones.