Sony reveals home assistant to rival Amazon Echo

Sony has a plan to compete with the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a popular interactive home assistant that responds to voice commands and can answer questions. It has its shortcomings. For instance, when I asked it if dogs get along with foxes, it told me it had no answer to that question. That is understandable, however. It was a dumb question.

Sony’s new digital assistant, the Xperia Agent, probably wouldn’t fare better with that question, but it does hope to compete with Amazon Echo by responding to both voice and gestures. Since it responds to gestures, it comes with a built-in camera, and a projector to beam images onto flat surfaces.  Additionally, the interactive device can help you control your smart home appliances and do other tasks designed to “enhance every day life,” according to Sony.

The Xperia Agent is features at the Mobile World Congress 2016, but won’t be available to consumers for a little bit. It is still a concept product, so it could be a while until it hits the market.

Sony also unveiled the Xperia X and XA smartphones, both of which run Android 6.0 Marshmallow and feature processing fast enough to support gaming, along with power-management technology to keep you phone running strong all day long.