Facebook now has more reactions to choose from

Facebook has finally rolled out new reactions. You can do more than just “like” a post now.

Until now, you were forced to “like” a post, even if you hated it or found it horribly sad. In sum, you and to “like” posts that were confusing, surprising, or infuriating.

Starting today, if you long hold the “like” button on Facebook,  you are now presented with a wider array of choices. Gone of the days of “liking” the death of your friend’s pet, or news that your sister’s new baby just had her first diaper explosion.

One of the forces behind the upgrade is Dacher Kelter, a professor of social psychology who also consulted on the Pixar film Inside Out, which cleverly personified emotions.  Kelter helped settle on the final five new emotions you can express. The finalists? Facebook now gives you the option of using love, haha, wow, sad, and angry instead of the often ill-suited thumbs up.




These reactions also have another upgrade: They are animated. The Love is a beating heart, while the HaHa laughs, and the Wow looks oddly confused and stunned. Anger turns red; Sad sheds tears. For you Facebook purists and people bothered by change, if you press the Like button as usual, you won’t be presented with the new choices.