Daniel Craig May Be Calling It Quits as James Bond

James Bonds come and go. It’s one of the cold, hard facts of life that one must choose to either accept or perish. Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan. They’ve all charmed us with their dashing good looks and dazzled us with their astonishing displays of espionage, only to leave us wanting more. Now, it appears as though the current James Bond, English actor Daniel Craig, is going to shatter the hearts of all the world’s 007 fans, as if they could possibly take any more heartbreak.

Yes, as sad is it is, rumor has it that Craig is preparing to call it quits after playing the iconic role of James Bond in four films. Actor Mark Strong, a close friend of Craig, recently revealed in an interview that he would love to play a Bond villain but wished he had done so sooner due to the potential departure of Craig from the movie series.

Craig made several remarks during the press tour for Spectre, the most recent Bond film, implying that he was exhausted from playing 007, so it should come as no surprise if he does indeed walk away from the role.

There has been speculation over the course of the past year or so that fellow Brit Idris Elba could be the next Bond in line, which would be incredible. However, Craig brought a special flair to the Bond character, as his adaptation was much more serious and intimidating than past Bonds.


Regardless of what the future beholds, Daniel Craig has done an outstanding job playing James Bond for the last decade, and he’ll assuredly experience much success in his future endeavors. But it’s utterly traumatic to think that the world may never hear him articulate this classic phrase ever again.