This may be the freakiest thing you see all day

Everything is awesome when it comes to Lego. The building blocks we grew up, the video games we can’t get enough of and the totally predictable and formulaic but somehow brilliant Lego movie… but is this going a bit too far?

A UK-based seller on Etsy can now take your head and put it on to a Lego character’s body. Not your actual head of course but a 3D rendering. Simply send in two pictures, one of your face and one of your profile and funky3Dfaces will create a lifelike 15mm 3D model of your head.

Using a sandstone material, the heads are designed to sit perfectly on your favourite Lego bodies with a 5mm hole at the base and your choice of hairstyle. The bodies are not supplied with your order, but most of us have one or two Lego characters hanging around the house for them to sit on. Could you see yourself flying an X-Wing or taking on the role of Captain America?

You can also make the perfect wedding cake topper with a customised bride and groom (we presume bride and bride and groom and groom would also be honoured). This package includes the heads and bodies along with wedding arch, lanterns and flowers. I want to order this one; I just need to find someone who wants to marry me first. (Partner not included in the price.)

Could you see yourself flying an X-Wing or taking on the role of Captain America?

Funky3Dfaces might not have the level fine detail that can be obtained from heads scanned into a computer, but whereas they can cost a lot of money, these are relatively cheap. For just £20 ($30) you could be the next Lego Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker. To make it even more appealing, there is a January sale on at the moment; buy two heads and get a third free. Kids young and old would get a kick out of these.

Is this going too far? Nah, these are awesome!