Lego Builds Largest Ever Model of Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Millions of Legos and Some Talent Create Largest Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model

Nothing gets the geek world excited like a new Star Wars release and the building frenzy around the highly anticipated “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is no different. Advertisers and marketing partners like McDonalds, Chrysler and even Cover Girl have been tripping over themselves to release their latest “gotcha” ads to coincide with the films release.

But perhaps the happiest partner is Denmark’s Lego Group, maker of Lego bricks, those tiny building blocks of creative worlds… including Star Wars. It was the license deal with Lucasfilm for the usage rights of the various Star Wars assets that helped save Lego from bankruptcy. The first Lego Star Wars products came out in 1999 (after an internal debate that a product with “wars” in the title was not appropriate for children and set a bad moral example). But now, the Star Wars series has become one of Lego’s top sellers.

Star Wars Lego Model

Star Wars exhibition at Times Square features a special collection of exclusive models of film replicas and toys.

As Lego explains it on their website, “From a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… comes LEGO® Star Wars™. It brings to life all of your child’s favorite ships and characters from the incredible Star Wars saga as well as new ones they may never have met before.”

And to help promote this alliance, Lego employs a number of what it calls Lego Certified Professionals who use the tiny bricks like a stone sculptor uses hammer and chisel to create large (and LARGE) recreations of items like X-Wing Fighters and other Star Wars equipment. In 2013 they showed off a 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing fighter using an astounding 5,335,200 bricks. The ship was shown in Times Square, New York.

Now there’s a new display in Times Square… although you’ll have to go to Times Square, Hong Kong this time. But if you do, you’ll get to see collection of exclusive models of the blockbusters series’ characters and vehicles, including the Rebel Snowspeeder, Imperial AT-AT and Poe’s X-Wing Fighter. But the true pièce de résistance is the world’s largest Millennium Falcon model at 1:6 scale.

If you can’t make it to Hong Kong, you can try your hand at your own model. All you need is a few million Lego bricks, some talent and lots of time.