Blast from the past: Freezy Freakies gloves are back

Winter weather is here. If your hands are cold, take a trip down memory lane with Freezy Freakies.

Do you remember Freezy Freakies? If not, you missed out.

Kids who grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s could impress their friends with gloves that changed color in the cold weather, thanks to thermochromic ink. You put your gloves on in the warmth of your home, and, BOOM!, once you were outside a super-cool design would appear.

At the end of the 80’s, however, Freezy Freakies disappeared and became a relic of the past, like Walkmen, charm necklaces, and Nosey Bears.

Recently, a pair of brothers had the brilliant idea to market Freezy Freakies for adults. Hans and Karl Reichstetter bought the license because, in their words, via, “Freezy Freakies were the raddest gloves ever made.”

For $34 you can relive your childhood (and keep your hands warm, of course). Unicorn, Ski Alpine, and Fighter Jet themes are all available through

Like many cool products, the funding for adult Freezy Freakies was made possible through a wildly popular Kickstarter campaign.

Check out this Freezy Freakies commercials from back in the day.

Tell me this isn’t awesome: