Now you can eat on Star Trek’s Enterprise

The Star Trek shop has recently released what they are modestly calling a chopping board but in reality it’s much more.

Star Trek Enterprise board 002This wooden replica also doubles up as a cheese and hors d’oeuvre platter. It might not have transporter technology or a holodeck but it does have more features than your average chopping board. Made from sustainable bamboo in the shape of the Enterprise NCC-1701, all of the finer details are etched in by lasers giving it a striking and realistic look. But that’s not even the coolest part; the nacelles (engines) are held on to the board by magnets and can be pulled away from the rest of the ship to reveal the cheese knife and fork.

The Enterprise is mounted onto a secondary, larger board at the back of which holds ten slots for those all-important crackers. Flip the board over with the ship on the underside, and the whole thing also becomes a full-sized chopping board.

I foresee many Star Trek fans eating a lot more cheese in the near future.
Star Trek Enterprise sushi 001

The chopping board is the latest product in a whole range of Star Trek inspired home and office goodies. If you like this, you will love the Enterprise sushi set. With the ship mounted on a board for your sushi, the saucer section becomes a soy sauce dish and the engines pull out to be the chopsticks.

So many cool gift ideas for the holiday season.