Washington State Cougars channel inner geek to troll Oregon Ducks

The Washington State Cougars response to their victory over the Oregon Ducks was priceless.

The Washington State Cougars beat the Oregon Ducks in double overtime 45-38 in Oregon. The Cougars were not satisfied with their on-field victory against the once dominant Ducks, who happened to be wearing uniforms with a Lewis and Clark pioneer theme.

Washington State won the Internet with their on-point Tweet after the game.  


Aside from actually playing an early version of Oregon Trail, this Tweet is probably the best use of the vintage game since it experienced a recent resurgence in popularity among people whose parents were kids when the game was first released.

Some of the responses to the tweet were equally hilarious:

Oregon Trail was produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium as an educational game that could enhance classroom learning with themes of death and squirrel meat. In addition to dysentery referenced in WSU’s tweet, players could also die from drowning, gunshot wounds, snakebites, typhoid, cholera, exhaustion, and measles. Even the oxen would get sick and die. It was not an uplifting game.

Oregon Trail ended up having mass appeal, released in 1985 with improved graphics for the Apple II and the Atari 8-bit. If you didn’t get to play the game in the 80’s when it was hi-tech for the times, there are versions on the Internet today that are pretty easy to find.