Love typewriters? Love waffles? There’s a thing for that

Keyboards aren’t just for typing anymore.

Sometimes when I eat waffles, I think to myself, “I wish this waffle were shaped like a QWERTY keyboard!” Actually, I’ve never thought that in my entire life. Not once. I wish that I had thought of it though, raised nearly $70,000 through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and invented the Keyboard Waffle Iron.

No point playing the counterfactual game. I didn’t invent the Keyboard Waffle Iron. The best I can do is tell you about it.

If the picture isn’t worth 1,000 words, read a few hundred words here in the form of a Keyboard Waffle Iron FAQ.

What does the Keyboard Waffle Iron do? 

I’m not answering that on the grounds that it is obvious.

How does it work?

I’m glad you asked because it is not like the waffle iron you already own. You do not plug this waffle iron in. (Whaaaat???)  Yes. This is an old-school appliance. You put the batter in, and then hold it over a gas burner on your stove or your grill.



What is it made out of? 

Die-cast aluminum with heat resistant handles. Remember. It does not have wires. You cannot plug it in. You hold it over fire.

Whoa, wait. It is missing keys. and the number pad. Why? 

Chris Dimino based his design on a 60s Corona-Matic typewriter.

How much does it cost? 

$85. If you had supported Dimino’s vision during his Kickstarter campaign, you could have had one for around $60. Too late for that now.


Where can I get one?

Check out