NHL 15 Has Arrived For EA Access Subscribers For Free

NHL 15 was released into the EA Access Vault on Tuesday for Xbox One users, making it now free for subscribers. NHL 15 is the tenth game to now join the Vault for EA Access subscribers.

The game now joins Madden NFL 15, NBA Live 15, EA Sports UFC, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Peggle 2, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Madden NFL 25,  and FIFA 14 as free games available in the vault.

NHL 15 received a metascore of 59 on metacritic.com, this is the average score determined by multiple video game critic websites including Game Informer, Polygon, and Joystiq.

Although NHL 15 has received many low scores at launch EA has worked to make the game better since then. The game has always played great, and many will say that the gameplay may be the best of any other NHL game to date.

The downfall of NHL 15 was its regression of game modes. At launch NHL 15’s game modes were bare bones to say the least. GM connected, EASHL, Fantasy Drafts, and the Winter Classic are all modes that made a noticeable absence at launch.

Modes such as Online Team Play (OTP) and EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) have all been added into the game since launch via content updates.

EA Access is becoming an almost must for any sports gaming fan that owns a Xbox One system. Currently priced at $4.99/a month and $29.99/a year, you gain access to their EA Access Vault which now holds ten free games as well as access to trials of most EA titles, including all EA Sports games and other games such as Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Trials to the games open five days before the release of the game, essentially allowing you early access to the games before release. Although you get the opportunity to play the full retail game before release many are limited to six hours of total play time excluding Battlefield Hardline which allows subscription users ten total hours of play time.

Currently EA Access is only available to Xbox One users and is definitely worth a look if  you are into EA Sports and other EA titles.