NFL Mobile app updated for 2014 season

The NFL Mobile app, the official offering from the league, has been updated in a big way in preparation for the 2014 season. This is true for Android phones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

As a person who relied on this app to stream live radio streams of games last season, I can tell you that the app was clunky and generally unstable last year. There was some good information available, for sure, but it was hard to follow games and the radio stream frequently struggled dealing with its buffer.

Here’s a glance at the new look:

The update is cleaner, simpler, and more responsive thus far. Whether it can handle the variety of multimedia the app claims to offer has yet to be seen.

For better or worse, many people rely on the app for its services, especially Verizon customers who can capitalize on the carrier-exclusive video content. While the jury is out for now, it looks and feels nicer and certainly reflects an honest effort on the NFL’s part.

This is how NFL Mobile looks on a phone-sized screen

The app looks virtually the same on both Android and iOS, borrowing design cues from each platform. I’d say it borrows more heavily from Android, but it has not fully embraced Material Design, to say the least. Chances are that the update has been in the works for quite a while.

Download: Android or iOS

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