OnePlus playing with fire

One more post on the issue and then I’ll let it go. The OnePlus business model is a breath of fresh air in an industry that sells devices with incredible premiums, but it might be all for naught.

OnePlus has had a rocky go of it since launching their affordable powerhouse, the OnePlus One. The phone was subject to manufacturing problems, RMA requests were met with strange responses and policies, forum posts were censored, and invites to actually purchase the phone were sparse.

Now, let’s start with a disclaimer – the authenticity of the following e-mail is still in question and is likely fake, but I have reached out to OnePlus for a response. However, considering the manufacturing problems OnePlus has had and their less-than-savory methods of handling those problems, I decided to post the information on the offhand chance it’s real. Moreover, more attention should be given to OnePlus’ treatment of defective phones.

By all accounts the phone is fantastic when not afflicted with yellow-screen fever; OnePlus should address the issue more transparently for the good of their future. With a swift response, the future of OnePlus is bright. With no response, the nascent OnePlus brand continues to take a hit – could their reputation take that hit and be successful? Unlikely, unless they hire LeBron James.

Anyway, earlier today, leaker @tktechnews posted a curious tweet with a screenshot of an e-mail:

The e-mail in question, according to TK, offered a bribe to take down a recent negative video about OnePlus. Among the concerns TK brought up in the video forum censorship on the OnePlus site, as well as seemingly ignored RMA requests for the yellow tint display problem. These issues are also explored in a post on TK’s site shortly after the incident today.

TK also sent the full contents of the e-mail to me, take a look:

Okay, so it looks fake, right? The grammar is terrible, their own brand isn’t even capitalized, and no heade… yeah, it’s fake. Someone seems to be having a little fun with our friend. Regardless, the rest of the issues TK harps on ring true.

OnePlus certainly doesn’t need the negative press as invites continue to be issued, but maybe it would be beneficial to the consumer. The manufacturing issues plaguing the OnePlus need to be fully acknowledged and addressed, and customers need to be afforded the opportunity to trade-in devices dealing with the issue free of charge.