Woot founder launches Meh.com, a Woot redux

Meh.com launched today and with it comes a daily deals site that is eerily reminiscent of the original iteration of Woot. You know, before Amazon stole its soul.

One deal a day. That’s it. No frills, no categories, no longer-running deals. Oh, and tons of humor.

Meh is a self-described experiment from Mediocre Laboratories, which was founded by… Matt Rutledge, the founder of Woot! The site was launched via Kickstarter, and gave access to backers yesterday.

Appropriately, the first deal on the site is for a refurbished iRobot Roomba 560, a model that debuted back in 2007! The site offers the ability to either buy the item or choose to vocally pass on it, by clicking the titular “meh” button. In fact, restraint is celebrated by the site in the form of constantly-updated statistics:

If the site’s debut is any indication, each deal also promises to be accompanied by hilarious polls and item descriptions reminiscent of those that would accompany Woot deals back in the day:

The Roomba 560 isn’t just for vintage Roomba collectors. (Yes, they exist. Of course they exist.) It’s a solid floor-cleaning robot with the usual limitations. Don’t expect it to clean the shag carpeting in your sheep barn. Don’t leave coils of barbed wire laying around. Let it do its thing, and it does its thing very well.

According to D Magazine, we might see Meh push the envelope with some of these descriptions on the near future. This isn’t your fath.. you know.

Diving into the FAQ area, the site expounds upon the nature of an experimental site that has already been done before (and by the same people), “Isn’t it weird that this is unique again? Hey it might be a good idea!” 

The site has no social media presence of its own, which makes sense, the deal is the deal here, it’s pretty simple really.

If you have a spare moment I suggest reading the rest of the FAQ as it’s a real treat, complete with the ability to comment (really) which is either an oversight or just an entertaining decision.

The site isn’t bashful about the possibility that its time will be as ephemeral as the deals themselves:

Oh, we have no idea if this’ll work. See, that’s why it’s an experiment. Luckily for us, the big picture includes Mediocre Labs, where we’ll be concocting other experiments to rid you of excess cash. We’ll even reuse some of the same infrastructure to ensure they will be as mediocre as this one.

Who knows how long meh will be around, but I’m excited to see the Woot founders back with a familiar project.