Moto 360 will cost $250, is still awesome

Motorola’s new smartwatch, the Moto 360, was accidentally posted to the Best Buy website yesterday, revealing its price: $250. While the page has since been removed, Android Police managed to grab some screenshots as proof.

My first reaction, and I think that of many others, is that this is not a bad price. The LG G Watch is listed at $229 and the Samsung Gear Live is going for $199 at the Google Play Store and many expected the Moto 360 to be a big step up in price.

Why is that? Well, the aforementioned Android Wear options are just missing the “it” factor. They are chunkier and rectangular. Check out this screen grab of a Google executive wear a G Watch at Google I/O:


That G Watch just looks…big. It looks like what most of us expected a smartwatch to look like: a computer on your wrist. When I see the G Watch, I see a device that proves the doubters correct: only a real enthusiast, a major early adopter, would buy it.

The Moto 360 looks like a watch you’d wear even if it were “dumb.” Take a look at this thing:


Yes, that’s leather.  You can see that it isn’t super thick or overwhelmingly broad. And, as its name suggests, it’s round. It’s great to see a smartwatch that looks like a watch. There just aren’t many people walking around with the rectangular watches.

At $250, it’s too close to the other options to not buy the Moto 360.

The Best Buy listing was on this page, but as said before, has since been removed.

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