Tech Week Review - Week of July 28th, 2014

Need to catch up on last week’s news before jumping into this week? GeekSided has you covered with the Tech Week Review. Every Monday morning we will be sharing the previous week’s news in a short post so you can start fresh for the new week. See, Mondays aren’t so bad. What happened in the week that was? It was a big week for tech news.

  • Android global market share is probably larger than you imagined. You might see dozens of iPhones every time you step foot outside, but Android continues to dominate globally.
  • Samsung delays the Tizen phone again, but for how long? The long-awaited Samsung Tizen phone has been delayed yet again as Samsung works to improve the bare app store. The length of the delay was described as indefinite. Will a Tizen phone ever see the light of day?
  • The fantastic Big 4 alternative, Republic Wireless, is more widely available. Republic Wireless has a ton of advantages on the larger carriers, but has had a few drawbacks since its inception. Fortunately, the carrier continues to make progress improving in those areas.
  • EA announced the Netflix-style Access program for Xbox One. There are opinions! EA’s subscription service will allow gamers to pay a small price for access to a bevy of the publisher’s games, but what does it mean for the industry?
  • A big week for Square announcements with IFTTT integration and EMV support. Square and do-it-all internet tool IFTTT are now properly integrated, which should make life easier for merchants that use the service. More importantly, Square will support EMV credit cards starting in 2015, but what are EMV credit cards?
  • A new report has estimated the cost of NSA spying. A nonpartisan research firm released the results of a report that estimates the cost of NSA spying, and the numbers are staggering. Take a look.
  • Comcast finds a way to censor criticism through ownership stake in news outlets. Uh oh. Some digging has revealed that a pointed article about the money big telecoms donate to civil rights groups was pulled from a website with ties to Comcast. Is the telecom censoring bad press?
  • The NFL preseason began last night, and the coming season will see some improved technology. Even more exciting, technology improvements will be felt by both players and fans of the game. For players, the NFL will allow the use of Microsoft Surface tablets on the sideline to review gameplay. For fans, the NFL Mobile app was updated for the upcoming season.
  • Amazon announced a 3D-printing storefront that has some familiar touches. Amazon will attempt to grab some of the goodwill that surrounds the push for consumer 3D printing, but is their offering any different than the competition?
  • A school in New Jersey is tossing its stable of laptops that did more harm than good. A Hoboken junior-senior school experimented with a laptop program for a few years, and now regrets the decision. The school didn’t just run into one problem, it ran into every problem.
  • Pew Research made a presentation about the state of politics in social media. The full presentation is fascinating, but if you only have a moment you can check out our favorite 6 facts right here.
  • Wikipedia Zero is a program to deliver free access to those who would otherwise not have it. The beneficial program has to do a balancing act to deliver universal access while maintaining net neutrality, read about their efforts here.
  • Leaker @evleaks hangs ‘em up. In a bit of sad news, famous tech leaker @evleaks (Evan Blass) retired abruptly on Sunday. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, but it’s difficult not to wonder why the sudden change.

Did we miss anything? Sound off in the comments and be sure to visit GeekSided every day to get caught up on the week’s news in tech.

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