Legendary leaker @evleaks leaves the game

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@evleaks, the Twitter handle of the most famous tipster in the smartphone industry, has decided to hang it up. Many of the rumors we have shared came from @evleaks, as have the lion’s share of rumors about smartphones in the past couple of years.

Changing his display name to Evan Blass, @evleaks announced his apparent “retirement” in a tweet Sunday.

His website is still active with all of its content, with the most recent leak being some additional press photos of the upcoming smartwatch, the Moto 360.

It has never been clear how he was getting the leaked content, which ranged from vivid pictures of pre-release devices to information about technical specifications. The website had solicited tips from readers and occasionally shared those, but most content was completely original.

It is easy to speculate that legal pressures could be forcing @evleaks out, but it would be odd to leave the website up in that case. One or several manufacturers may have found him or his trusted source(s) out by planting information or identifying marks on prototype devices. Or, perhaps, Bliss just had better things to do. While there were ads on the site and it received a lot of attention at times, it probably was not a cash cow.

Either way, we’ll be sad to see him go. Best wishes to @evleaks!

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