InkCase Plus is a second screen for your Android

We’ve posted about a few Kickstarters before here on GeekSided, but personally, I try to endorse campaigns with extreme discretion. There is too much uncertainty, some failed Kickstarter creators are also squatters from hell (?), and overall the average return on investment seems low.

At least for one post though, I’m bending to the will of Kickstarter. The InkCase Plus by OAXIS INC. has long blown past its funding goal, but the concept was too intriguing for me not to write a quick post on it.

The InkCase Plus promises to be a second screen for your Android phone. The black-and-white screen is an E Ink screen and connects to mobile devices via low power Bluetooth. On the battery front, the Kickstarter page claims 19 hours with continuous reading and up to 7 days in standby – reasonable numbers for an E Ink screen on a 500mAh battery.


The screen can be attached to an Android device via the FitCase – both InkCase Plus and FitCase come in black or white. As you might imagine, the FitCase isn’t one size fits all – as of now the Kickstarter only supports Galaxy S5 and Note 3 size cases. There is a vote being held for other versions – if a phone receives over 500 votes, a FitCase will be designed for it.

Physically, the InkCase Plus has three buttons on the front, a micro USB port, and a 3.5 inch non-touch, black-and-white display. OAXIS is currently determining whether color E Ink is a viable option.


Do you need a second screen for your mobile device? Why yes, yes you do – and here’s why:

  • To save battery
  • To have an always-on display
  • To increase personalization
  • To read more easily
  • To enhance physical activity
  • To augment your phone: (notifications, music, incoming call)

The fun doesn’t stop there, developers will be given the opportunity to take the reins off the device:

We invite application developers to build apps that delight our users.  InkCase Plus’s possibilities are infinite; be it creating your own application, or even contributing to the core development of the InkCase genre.

The SDK provides a rich and comprehensive set of APIs to seamlessly integrate the InkCase Plus into everyday use. With the SDK & InkCase Plus Companion Apps, developers can ride on the existing resources to create new, fun and practical applications. The limits of creation will be your imagination only.

Suffice to say, the device really intrigues me.

What does everyone else think? Are you like me and in the throes of a decision to ditch iOS and join Android specifically to use the InkCase? Let me know in the comments.



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