Reddit News app shows how Material Design should look

Reddit News, a popular Reddit reader for Android, has unveiled a new Material Design makeover in their Play Store beta. Unlike some weaker efforts at meeting the upcoming Android L release’s design guidelines, the update to Reddit News shows exactly how Material Design should look.

For now, the update is only going to beta users, but they were kind enough to release a video walk-through.

What the developers of Reddit News have really knocked out of the park are the animations. Material Design isn’t just bright colors and geometric shapes; it has a purpose, most notably making the use of the phone more intuitive. The animations are critical from that usability standpoint. That’s the aspect that gives you a sense of which elements are closest to you, which are actionable, and which aren’t.

Take a look at the video yourself.

On a phone-sized screen, Reddit is difficult. You have to balance the need for a lot of information with the fact that much of Reddit can be image-based. Choices have to be made about what content to show, how to present multimedia without overwhelming everything else, and how to navigate these different things.

The detail I find most impressive is the ability to move around the navigation buttons. I haven’t seen this in other Material Design previews but it makes perfect sense with the new design cues and allows the user to customize to their heart’s desire.

If you want to learn more about Material Design, check out our slideshow of the new Android L look here.

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