Chromecast owners get 3 free months Google Play Music All Access

It has been an entire year since Google first released the Chromecast, which could accurately be described as a disruptive entrant into the set-top streaming market. It has been so cheap and so obviously accessible that it made people who probably should have already had streaming devices decide to pull the trigger.

If you’re one of the people who did pull the trigger, Google has a gift for you, according to their blog. The gift? Three months of their on-demand, unlimited streaming music service: Google Play Music All Access. Despite being a mouthful, it’s actually a pretty good product!

While Spotify is still the big dog in the on-demand streaming music market, Google’s offering is just about every bit as good. As a person who has used the paid tiers of both services, I can tell you that I prefer Google for usability and its radio feature (which allows unlimited skips and doesn’t hide future tracks from you). Spotify has better and more numerous playlists, however, in addition to a desktop app; Play Music All Access is browser-based on desktops.

Play Music All Access will also store your existing music collection in the cloud (up to 25,000 songs), so you can intermingle your personal collection with the tracks you access and download via your All Access subscription.

The one bummer: if you’re already a subscriber, no gift for you. It’s too bad they couldn’t have worked something out for people who already patronize the service (cough, cough).

To claim the offer, you’ll have to go the Chromecast offers page and enter your device’s unique ID number.

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