OneDrive rolls out new storage plans

As we first reported weeks ago, Microsoft OneDrive is unveiling drastic increases in the cloud storage offered in their various plans. Now, as of Tuesday, those increases have taken effect.

The move is a drastic one, but makes OneDrive arguably the best deal in cloud storage. You can see the updates on their plan comparison page.


The older, comparable tiers would have been 7GB for new users, while the 100GB plan would cost $7.49/month and 200GB would have cost $11.39/month.

What you don’t see here is what really sets OneDrive’s new pricing apart – all Office 365 users now get 1TB of cloud storage.

Now, you might be saying, “but I’m not an Office 365 user nor am I particularly jazzed to become one.” That’s great. Maybe you aren’t an avid office user. However, the personal plan for Office 365 is only $6.99/month. From what I can tell, compared to any other mainstream cloud provider, nobody offers a terabyte of cloud storage for $6.99/month. If you want that much storage, you can look at Office 365 as just a free extra.

It’s a brilliant move as it incentivizes people to buy and use Office, which is threatened by free competitors like Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, LibreOffice, and iWorks. On the flip side, it gets people who are loyal Office users an added incentive to use OneDrive. You must be seriously in need of a competitor’s feature to turn down the free terabyte of storage offered with Office 365.

The free storage is included in every version of Office 365, including University (requires a .edu address), which costs just $80 for 4 years. While the rollout of storage increases started last week, it should be finished now.

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