Moto X going for $299 with coupon

The Motorola Moto X, the company’s flagship Android device, is at an all-time low price at $299 with the use of a promo code at Motorola’s site.

Your first step is to head to the Moto Maker website, the place where you can customize the colors and other options of the Moto X. Once you’ve had your fun, you can use the discount code “MBXISMOT” to lower the base price to $299. That’s a $100 discount at this point. The 32GB consumer and developer editions drop to $325, a $125 discount.

If you use the code, you’ll also get the Motorola Skip, a small device that usurps the pin code lock screen security measure. By keeping the Skip on your person, you can avoid having to input the pin repeatedly while still locking the phone from the random person who grabs it off the street.

If you’re looking for some inspiration as to how to design your new Moto X, I’d suggest shelling out the extra $25 for the wooden back panel. Walnut is my favorite, but they also offer Ebony, Bamboo, and Teak.


This phone was a hit in the tech community but never got the widespread recognition it deserved. It was brilliantly designed with software and user experience as its focus, rather than maxing out every possible specification. Features like the active display, which gives you actionable notifications without turning the entire screen on to save battery, typify the detail-oriented design.

The always-listening “Okay, Google” search prompt is now becoming a standard feature in future Android smartphones. If you’re looking for an off-contract, current-generation smartphone, jump on this deal.

[via Slickdeals h/t Android Central]

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