The Tech Week in Review - Week of July 7th, 2014

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  • Examining the merits of the cloud. Jacob Long takes a deep dive into the cloud to determine whether it should always be top preference or not, with an eye towards organizational needs. Check it out here.
  • The new direction of Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella sent out a letter to Microsoft employees last week in which he described the company as a “productivity and platform company” rather than the Ballmer-era “devices and services” direction. Cloud more big changes be afoot?
  • Microsoft placing a larger Android bet? Thanks to prominent leaker @evleaks, it seems that more Microsoft/Nokia Android phones are in the pipeline. In fact, future phones might even share the Lumia branding that has to this point been reserved for Windows Phone devices.
  • Google Drive gets a visual overhaul. Google spent the front-end of the I/O keynote describing Material Design, the new design language that would be invading all Google products in the future. While Google Drive has a new look, it strangely isn’t Material Design. Huh.
  • Woot founder launches, a spiritual successor. After funding a successful Kickstarter campaign, founder Matt Rutledge launched last week. The site is very familiar to the Woot of old, before Amazon acquired the property in 2010.
  • More NSA revelations. Hot on the heels of NSA revelations last week concerning the demographics of NSA spy targets, a noted NSA whistleblower revealed that the program retained much more than just metadata.
  • Microsoft issues emergency Windows updates. Microsoft issued an urgent update to its stable of operating systems to protect consumers after rogue SSL certificates have been found spoofing several reputable sites. Click the link for more information.
  • Controversial Wi-Fi plan gains passage. A bill dedicating $5 billion to the development of Wi-Fi for schools and libraries was passed by the FCC. Why is it controversial? That might be due to where the money is coming from.
  • Tizen phone delayed yet again. Samsung is still planning to release its own OS, but the debut phone featuring the OS has been delayed again.
  • The probable iPhone 6 sapphire display gets abused for science. Stellar video reviewer @MKBHD recently got his hands on the sapphire display that will likely be used for the upcoming iterations of Apple’s smartphones. Of course, he tried with all his might to destroy the thing, with some impressive results.
  • The FTC filed suit against Amazon. Oh boy. The FTC settled with Apple over a similar suit, but it looks like Amazon is going to be fighting charges that it knowingly allowed children to rack up application bills to parent accounts.
  • Samsung has a VR headset in the works, and its design was leaked. Samsung is intent on joining the VR game, and it appears the headset leading the charge has been leaked. 


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