Ultratext app is the greatest thing since sliced bread

I’ve spent the last few hours with the Ultratext app on my iPhone. In that time my productivity has completely cratered. This isn’t hyperbole either; I’ve spent the majority of my time figuring out the most clever uses for the GIF-to-text app. Well, I made taco salad, too. I stumbled onto the app thanks to a writeup by Techcrunch and enough free time to be dangerous. After perusing the app store, I found the app with zero reviews. It won’t be that way for long, and I fear the consequences.

Novels will go unfinished. Concertos will end on the wrong note. Paintings will lay incomplete.

The app is simple enough. Load it up and start writing one-word frames, which can be interspersed with pictures if you so desire. The font and background of frames can be altered, but the customization stops there. It’s no matter, there are enough combinations to keep a GIF fresh. More importantly, the ability to add your own pictures gives a level of personalization to any iPhone user, regardless of their technical knowledge.

Once your custom-made GIF is ready to go, sharing options are displayed: iMessage, Instagram, and e-mail. If you’re like me, you’re going to use your new skill to text your friends incessantly. On a strategic note, although Ultratext GIFs won’t be active in iPhone notifications, recipients will see the first frame of your GIF. You’re welcome. By the end of today I expect I’ll have few friends left.

Novels will go unfinished. Concertos will end on the wrong note. Paintings will lay incomplete.

One caveat, when choosing to text, your message will automatically be accompanied by some jargon about the GIF being made by the Ultratext app. It can be deleted, but it’s still an annoyance. According to the Techcrunch article, Ultratext’s founder is planning on offering a version of the app for a dollar the eliminates the automatic text, so there’s that.

One other thing now that I mention it, as someone who rarely uses GIFs in text conversations, the presence of a handful can be quite jarring. Or confusing, if you happen to be my girlfriend’s mother or even my brother..

Why do I like this app so much? It’s just fun. Before the unsavory reactions starting pouring in following my 1000th GIF in a row explaining such mundane things as where my car was parked, I really did receive some excited return texts. Used sparingly, say, less than 1000x in a row, I think it can be a quirky addition to text message conversations. At the very least, it’s a great way to announce your entrance to a conversation.

If you can’t get on board with that, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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