Project Green and the Microsoft Lumia Android

Project Green and the Microsoft Lumia Android. Well that title’s a mouthful, but what in the world does it all mean?

Well, thanks to prominent leakers @evleaks and @tktechnews, we might have our first information about a high-end Nokia Android device.

If you’ll remember, last month on GeekSided I posted a particularly pointed opinion piece bemoaning the premature death of a fictional, worthwhile Nokia Android device. To this point, Nokia under Microsoft has been restricted to Windows Phone and a forked version of Android that seems more likely to be a feeder OS for Windows Phone than an actual Android phone.

It looked like that would be the end of Nokia’s Android experiment – I would love nothing more than to be wrong about it. Thankfully, recent leaks and rumors are pointing to the possibility that Microkia is gearing up to release a Lumia Android phone.

First, @evleaks shared a bombshell on Twitter that Nokia is developing yet another Android-powered phone in addition to the Nokia X2 that was announced just a few weeks ago. Somewhat interestingly, the phone will be Lumia-branded, which has to this point been reserved for Windows Phone devices.

After that tidbit of information, @tktechnews chimed in with an interesting rumor. Stephen Elop himself, former CEO of Nokia and current Executive VP of Devices and Services at Microsoft, was seen and heard speaking about a mysterious Project Green. Furthermore, Elop had a device in his hand. What is Project Green? It seems to be the codename for Nokia’s larger Android ambitions, as @tktechnews clarified that the R&D device in hand was in fact a Lumia Android.

How reliable is this information? These are respectable leakers we’re talking about here, but there’s definitely a level of uncertainty here. I know others will agree, I just can’t imagine what the strategy for a higher-end Android device under the Microsoft brand. Perhaps it will become clearer as the Nokia X2 comes closer to fruition – but will Nokia-Microsoft continue to use Android as a feeder OS to Windows Phone?

I’m not sure what the answer is here, but Microsoft certainly has some more surprises up its sleeves. A few days ago, Neowin uncovered images of an upcoming Nokia Windows Phone device that is complete with “Nokia by Microsoft” branding. To this point, Microsoft has only been licensed to use Nokia branding on feature phones. By all accounts, this phone is a full-fledged smartphone – perhaps Microsoft has finally acquired the licensing needed to use Nokia branding on smartphones.

Lumia 830 - Source: Neowin via Windows Blog Italia

Lumia 830 – Source: Neowin via Windows Blog Italia

Why does this matter? It might not, but perhaps Microsoft would prefer not to have their own branding front and center – and instead “Nokia by Microsoft” – on a high-end Android handset.

This is all speculation, but the prospect of a true Lumia Android is too exciting not to share with our readers. So what do you think? Is a big-time Lumia Android coming or will this mythical program be shuttered by Microsoft before it ever sees the light of day?


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