Razer extends beta signup for their new wearable

In a recent update, Razer announced that they will be extending the deadline for Nabu beta applicants until July 9th 2014.

While Razer is well known for their strong presence in the PC gaming market, the Nabu is their first entry into wearable tech. The beta program will allow hardened Razer fans a chance to pick up this new hardware as early as July 10th 2014 for the price of $1 (give or take shipping costs). 500 units will be made available for sale to those deemed worthy by the grand hardware overseers.

The Razer Nabu aims to be more than a simple fitness tracker or an additional interface for your phone. As well as being the center of your fitness universe, Razer hopes to leverage the device as a social tool. Using their proprietary communication tool, dubbed “Pulse,” Nabu owners will be able share contact information or even compare dating preferences.

Those interested in the beta program can fill out an application by 9am PDT on July 9th at Razer’s website. Experienced app developers can sign up for the Razer Nabu Developer Program and purchase their dev kits for $49.99. It is unknown when the Razer Nabu will be made available publicly nor at what cost to consumers.

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