Google's Songza purchase formally announced

In a move we’ve heard rumors about for a little while now, Google has formally announced their purchase of Songza, the curated music streaming service.

Songza announced the move on their site, with a very brief assurance that Songza expects no major changes short of continued improvements. No sales figures have been announced, but the rumor we previously reported on had the sale at $15 million, far short of some other recent mega-acquisitions.

Despite Songza’s assurances, I’m not so eager to take at face value that Songza will go largely unchanged. Google has not been a company that makes acquisitions just for the purpose of owning a successful company. For instance, their brief ownership of Motorola involved the creation of fantastic flagship Android devices and valuable patents. Nest is becoming a key part of Google’s play to run your smart home.

My prognostication is that Songza becomes, somehow, a part of Google Play Music All Access. This is Google’s on-demand, unlimited music streaming subscription service. One place where it falls short of competitors like Spotify and Beats Music is in music discovery and curation. It’s not so much that it’s bad, it just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Google could incorporate Songza’s playlists-for-everything format into their existing service, and could potentially do so without dismantling Songza’s service. Google Play Music All Access featuring Songza? Who knew the service’s name could get any longer?

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