'Textalyzer' gives you SMS analytics

Android - The aptly-named Textalyzer app can bring analytics to your texting habits, which more or less brings the Big Data craze full circle. Are you prepared for to get mad at your friends for failing initiate text conversations, even though you never noticed? Then it’s time get Textalyzer.

Among the types of info available to you from Textalyzer are these things, courtesy of their Play Store page:

  • Average text length per conversation
  • Number of texts you sent/received from a recipient
  • Number of emoticons used
  • Average time you and your friend take to respond
  • Number of times you/recipient started a conversation

I found out that my hottest times for texting are roughly from 7-10PM, most likely because that is when I start texting friends and relatives about the developments in various sporting events.

Likewise, I just learned that the person least likely to start a texting conversation with me of the people I text regularly is my own father. Maybe I should start calling instead.

With another acquaintance, they are much more likely to both start a conversation with me and send more texts in general. In my defense, my average text length is much longer. Maybe that’s why the average delay between receiving texts and my response is 4 times as long as theirs. Let’s just hope my friend doesn’t get their hands on Textalyzer.

If you’re worried about the privacy implications of Textalyzer, rest assured that none of your texting data goes to the Internet. All of the analysis is done on your device, as you can verify by the fact the app does not have permission to access the Internet. It re-aggregates the data every time you use it, keeping the information safe from theft.

Let us know what kinds of tidbits you find!

[via Reddit]

Featured image by Garry Knight (Flickr), cropped from original

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