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The Tech Week in Review - Week of June 23rd, 2014

Need to catch up on last week’s news before jumping into this week? GeekSided has you covered with The Tech Week in Review. Every Monday morning we will be sharing the previous week’s news in a short post so you can start fresh for the new week. See, Mondays aren’t so bad. What happened in the week that was? Google. Google. Google.

  • Google I/O. The tech giant held its annual I/O conference where it announced a slew of changes to Android – from what it looks like to the devices that will use it. For a play-by-play, check the archive of our live blog here.
  • The new version of Android, previewed. During their I/O conference, Google showed off the coming version of Android complete with a visual overhaul. The new visuals are coined “Material Design” and make use of vibrant colors. Check out our preview.
  • The polarizing Android L keyboard is available for many users. For many devices you are now able to test out the new Android keyboard that has many scratching their heads. Click the link to see the polarizing design as well as a tutorial on how to get it up and running for yourself.
  • Android for your wrist. It’s been a long time coming, but Google finally formally announced Android Wear, the version of the operating system that will live on your wrist. The on-stage demos showed promise, but some might not find the current use cases compelling enough. To get better acquainted with Android wear, click the link.
  • …and Android for your TV. Google has tried bringing their presence to the television before to disastrous results, but they are persistent. Thankfully, the effort this time around looks much more complete. Find out what you can expect from Android on your television here.
  • The Supreme Court delivers a blow to internet streaming TV. The streaming internet television service Aereo was given a death knell by the Supreme Court last week, declaring its practices illegal. Read about the decision and their CEO’s response here.
  • Microsoft released an Android phone, kind of. Nokia announced the follow up to their debut line of Android phones last week, the Nokia X2. The phone uses the Android operating system, which seems a strange decision for a company that is now owned by Microsoft. What’s going on here?
  • OneDrive storage gets a huge price drop.  Microsoft continued exciting developments in the cloud storage space as prices continue to drop. Hit the link to read more about how Microsoft plans to keep up with the competition.
  • PlayStation Now is coming, so what is it? In his debut post for GeekSided, Ryan Green describes what you can expect from PlayStation Now, an intriguing new service from Sony that will make its way to televisions and PlayStation devices later this year.
  • Facebook is using your News Feed to experiment. Facebook researchers manipulated over 600,000 users feeds in order to execute a psychology experiment. As you could imagine, this is a controversial topic, read our post about it here.

Did we miss anything? Sound off in the comments and be sure to visit GeekSided every day to get caught up on the week’s news in tech.

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