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Moment app aims to track, heal smartphone addiction

In a blog post on Medium, Kevin Holesh explains addiction to his smartphone. Always connected, he found that the distraction of an iPhone was starting to deteriorate his relationships. As an iOS developer, he sought out to build a solution. In comes his new app, Moment.

The Moment app works by simply tracking how often a user is on their phone. The app doesn’t need to be interacted with past the first setup after which it is constantly running in the background. The free version will simply track your daily phone usage and where it occurs, while the premium paid version will offer something more substantial in breaking the habit in the form of notifications.

Here’s hoping the app helps to find a better balance between screen time and the moment.

In his post, Holesh explains just how distracting smartphones can be. After moving in with his fiancee, he found that nights were often filled with glowing screens rather than conversation or adventure. I think everyone can agree that smartphones are fine to a point, but can definitely be disruptive to relationships once the line is crossed. When Holesh first started using the app, he was on his phone 75 minutes a day. As of now, he has set his daily limit at 40 minutes – allowing a better balance between real life and screen time.

As someone who is able to readily identify with this problem, I’m excited by the app. Kevin’s anecdotal evidence is very similar to my own, so I’m going to give Moment a try. In fact, I’m going to post a few updates to the post tracking my progress, although I’m sure to be embarrassed by the first one – I use my phone way too much, and I know that.

Coming to terms with a problem like this is especially difficult for tech-oriented people – technology is so beneficial, how could there be any drawbacks? But as they say, admitting is the first step. Here’s hoping the app helps to find a better balance between screen time and the moment.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add a quick update in case others would like to make use of the app. In order to activate auto-tracking of phone usage, “Track Places I Go” must be on, under Settings. This isn’t completely clear within the app so I’ve been fiddling around most of the day looking for the correct settings. Unfortunately this wrinkle will definitely take a toll on battery life, although maybe that’s a clever “feature” to help cut down on phone time!


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