Is this the Nexus 9?

In a mockup for graphic designers, it seems Google may have unintentionally leaked the oft-rumored Nexus 9. In the featured image above, you can see the image. The tablet, styled like a Nexus, is clearly too large and the wrong aspect ratio to be the Nexus 7 and is nothing like the styling of the years-old Nexus 10. Is it the HTC Nexus 9?

You may remember that we reported on leaks that indicated HTC would be making some sort of Nexus device. Since, we’ve come across rumors about a 9-inch tablet that could be the last Nexus device. Chances are, we’ll get the first official look at the Nexus 9 when the Android “L” release debuts this fall; Google usually debuts new Android versions with a new Nexus device.

Let’s take a closer look at the image:



Hey now…that’s a front-facing speaker! Sounds very HTC, if you ask me.

With the success of the Nexus 7, it makes sense to see a renewed push for tablets from Google. One of Sundar Pichai’s first talking points in his keynote was about the rise of tablet usage and Google’s interest to keep increasing their share. He said that 62% of tablets sold this year have been running Android, which speaks in large part to the success of the Nexus 7 as well as Samsung’s unbelievably vast line of tablet options.

Thanks for the Easter egg, Google!


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