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The big event is almost here! Bookmark this page because the box below will be live streaming the entire event! When you don’t have the time or ability (looking at you, people with day jobs) to listen or watch, be sure to check here because we will be live blogging updates on the announcements and our reactions.

The keynote will begin at 9AM PDT, June 25th. From there, there will be live updates and other sessions until 5PM. Then, the next day, we start all over again at 9AM. You can view the entire session schedule here.

Updates will be posted below the Google I/O live stream. While we wait for things to get started, check out this article on Google I/O rumors and our most recent slideshow of more recent Google I/O rumors.

UPDATE pre-I/O: We expect a new version of Android today!

1:34 PM PDT: Google has now announced Google Fit, another thing we were expecting. What we weren’t expecting are some of the big names that have been collaborating with them behind the scenes in preparation for this event:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Withings
  • RunKeeper
  • Basis

and more than that, to be announced.

10:58 AM PDT: New features for enterprise:

  • Apps can have profiles. Work email app and personal email, even though it’s the same app. Likewise, businesses can buy their employees apps to put on their own phone.
  • Samsung Knox is being ported to all L release devices. This is a security system that will be a big get for the OS as it spreads to various enterprise applications.
  • Google Docs is going to handle Word Documents better. If you open a Word doc in an email, it will not convert to Google Docs unless you ask it to. I’m happy to hear this.

10:55 AM PDT: In an update for Chromebooks, Android apps can now run on Chromebooks. You’ll have seamless, instantaneous, and simultaneous use of each device. You can run the same Android app on phone and Chromebook, or just run it on Chromebook.

Likewise, you can receive notifications about phone calls, SMS, and battery life on your Chromebook. Shades of Apple’s WWDC?

10:31 AM PDT: Android TV demo has begun. There is a living room setup onstage with big screen TV. This is not Google TV, it’s a fork of Android. We’re seeing a very voice-enabled setup that has the material design integrated already. Here are some screen captures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10:26 AM PDT: Here are some apps that are already prepared for Android Auto:


Here are the partnered automakers and accessory manufacturers. Wow, it’s a lot. Gamechanger?:


10:21 AM PDT: Android Auto demonstration begins. They tore down a car so that it could be run onstage. Completely voice-enabled interface with a few select touch commands only if you want them. Pretty smart design; doesn’t have to do much, it just has to do the right things well. Take a look at the voice-actioned screenshots:

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10:16 AM PDT: Samsung Gear Live is Samsung’s offering running Android Wear. It, along with LG G Watch, will be for sale starting today on Google Play. No price mentioned. Here’s a look at those two with Samsung first and LG second (Moto 360 coming “later this summer):


10:14 AM PDT: All current Android Wear devices are water resistant, says David Singleton, the presenter.

10:11 AM PDT: Some mentions of fitness, as it keeps track of your steps and he says “some devices” will read heartrate.

screenshot.75 screenshot.73 screenshot.74

10:03 AM PDT: Android Wear demonstration begins. The smoothness of action and sync between watch and phone looks very good. No fitness talk yet. Take a look at some of these cards they demoed.

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9:59 AM PDT: Pichai takes a moment to take a jab at iOS, who just recently rolled out features that were on Android four and five years ago.


9:56 AM PDT: The new ART runtime will be the only option in the L release. This will require no new programming for developers they say and will increase both performance and battery life. Likewise, more battery information will be available to the user. Check it out:

screenshot.28 screenshot.23

9:50 AM PDT: Here’s some looks at the new multitasking view. Of note here is that Chrome tabs will each appear as a separate process. The benefit here is that you could open a specific website without even launching Chrome, according to the speaker, and quickly navigate back to your original app. We talked about this as a rumor yesterday.

screenshot.17 screenshot.9 screenshot.13

9:49 AM PDT: Demoed a new video game demo to demonstrate capabilities of mobile graphics processors…and it had a horrible flicker throughout. Woops.

9:43 AM PDT: Avni Shah is wearing a big smartwatch. Is it the G Watch?


9:37 AM PDT: Major UI enhancements demoed in the Dialer app and in notifications. Notifications will be even more actionable and certain things, like phone calls, will unintrusively alert you with making you lose progress in whichever app you’re using.

Material design will not be in all Google apps in the developer preview. They are still at work. This preview will probably not be anything close to a finished product.

9:27 AM PDT: Matias Duarte, VP of Design, comes onstage. Announces brand new GUI for Android, Chrome, and Google on the web. The key concept here is “material design.” All design cues are meant to evoke texture. Keeps the flat design trend we’ve seen everywhere, but puts flat elements in a 3D plane to make everything more intuitive. The long-coming card interface makes perfect sense in this context.

If you have multiple elements on a screen, the selected element will appear closer to you.

9:20 AM PDT: First big announcement – Android One. A program with rigid hardware and software specs to make it easier for emerging markets to produce, distribute, and sell low-cost smartphones. Pichai talks about the lack of smartphones in his home of India. Sounds like Android Silver, but for the other end of the market.

9:12 AM PDT: Sundar Pichai says over a million people streaming as we speak. Pretty wide reach. In-person audience has more than double the female audience than last year, as well. Bravo, but much more work to do.

9:08 AM PDT: I take back everything I said about the Rube Goldberg-ian countdown device.

9:04 AM PDT: Like true professionals, they planned for this to start several minutes after the start of the hour. The big ol’ countdown timer might be a little much, though.

8:55 AM PDT: Jacob checking in and ready to go. I expect this keynote to be dense with interesting information.

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