iPhone 6 rumors: 5.5" version appears

Jimmy Lin strikes again. If you didn’t catch one of our previous pieces on iPhone 6 rumors, Jimmy Lin is the Taiwanese actor-singer-race car driver who famously leaked images of the iPhone 5 and has recently posted images of what he says is the iPhone 6 4.7″ edition on his Sina Weibo account. Now, he has more casually leaked an image of an iPhone 6 with 5.5″ display.

The post was, at first blush, just about Jimmy graciously repairing the shattered screen of a friend’s iPhone. However, there’s something lurking casually next to the broken devices. It appears to be the larger version of the iPhone 6, something we had heard about repeatedly but has not been leaked as frequently as the smaller, 4.7″ version.


Here’s a closer (albeit more pixelated) look at the device:


We really aren’t sure how Jimmy keeps getting these devices or whether this particular one is a working model, but we are happy for the leaks either way. Remember from our last Jimmy Lin leak that independent sources from Apple had verified that his 4.7″ model leak was legitimate, so we don’t see any reason to stop trusting him now.

And we won’t even get into why a big celebrity/mogul would be manually replacing smartphone screens rather than just buying somebody another phone. He must be a great guy.

[via Jimmy Lin h/t Phone Arena]

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