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Twitter now supports GIFs, at long last

Did Twitter ever seem to be missing something? Even if it didn’t, you’ll now realize that it was. From here onward, most places where you access Twitter, you’ll be able to enjoy GIFs in their full glory without need to click on links or navigate to separate websites.

Twitter’s @Support announced the change with little fanfare (click the image to start the animation):

We hadn’t heard many murmurs of this coming, but it’s a welcome change. Look out for updates to your apps on Android and iOS. The one wildcard here is whether the substantially increased file sizes of GIFs will affect the smoothness of the apps and/or the loading speed of the web version.

Twitter has made several efforts recently to improve their product, most notably the new profile page. An analysis from earlier this year found that 44% of Twitter user accounts have never tweeted. A recent Politico report indicated that hordes of fake followers boost the apparent reputations of all kinds of politicians. This is all to say that Twitter wants and needs the platform to become more accessible, social, and useful for regular people.

Given that people love GIFs, that’s a good start. With that in mind, why not follow @geeksided? We love to interact with our followers and it may be the most non-intrusive way to stay abreast of the tech news you care about.

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