Apple iOS 8: What's new in Beta 2?

Earlier Tuesday afternoon Apple released the second version of iOS 8 beta to developers. iOS 8 was introduced at WWDC earlier this month and offers a variety of new features. So what is different in iOS 8 beta 2 that wasn’t included in the first version?

QuickType available on iPad

When the first beta was released, the new QuickType software was only available on iPhone and iPod. Now you can use the new and long overdue feature on your iPad as well!

Podcasts is pre-installed

In the first beta, we learned that iBooks is now a pre-installed app. In the second beta, Apple made Podcasts a pre-installed app too! The only downside to this is that you can no longer delete the apps from your devices [just like GameCenter].

Multiple changes to iBooks

iBooks now has a transparent background which wasn’t seen in the first beta. Another notable change to iBooks is a new UI which groups books together that are part of a series.

New Home Date Settings

In preparation of the new HomeKit technology, there is now a option to edit privacy settings for HomeKit under privacy.

Handoff now works with devices

One thing myself and another colleague noticed in the first beta was not being able to use Handoff. With beta 2, I’ve been able to use the feature. If you still have issues connecting, be sure to turn on Bluetooth! is reporting that you can now mark all messages as read but I was able to do that in the first beta myself. Maybe this is an issue that not everyone was having.

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