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iPhone 6 rumors: images, specs leaked

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The latest leaks regarding the rumored iPhone 6 come from an unlikely source: a Taiwanese singer, actor, and race car driver. That’s one person, by the way. His name is Jimmy Lin and he posted images of himself, an iPhone 5S, and what he says is an iPhone 6 on his Sina Weibo account, which is a social media site that is popular in China.


While this probably seems to verge on the ridiculous, Lin actually has some credibility in this area. In September 2012, Jimmy Lin leaked similar images of himself and the iPhone 5. These proved to be accurate. It really isn’t clear how he continues to land these pre-release devices when he flamboyantly leaks information about them. No matter the reason, we’re thankful.



Here is the Google Translate-d text from his Sina Weibo post:

4.7-inch screen, power shifted to the right, no built-in antenna coated outside, in addition to the previous right-angle design, feel more rounded. Larger screen, good grip, often more convenient to brush down the family to watch the video text, it is also very good slip slippery!

Clearly, a little bit is lost in translation, but the meat and potatoes are clear. He says this device has a 4.7″ screen, as has been expected. It looks like he’s explaining why the body isn’t 100% metal – which is because an all-metal body will make for very poor reception. I have no idea which of “good grip” or “it is also very good slip slippery” we should take seriously in regard to whether or not it’s easy to get a grip on the device.



Reports out of Hong Kong say that Apple Hong Kong employees have confirmed the legitimacy of Lin’s leak. They have further indicated that the device will have either a Retina display or possibly a Quad HD display (which would be a sad waste).

Another supposed leak sheds some more light on the display issue, as a Youtube video shows off some purported specs of the next generation iPhones. Yes, that’s plural, as it appears there will be a 4.7″ version as seen in the Lin photos in addition to a 5.5″ version that borders on “phablet” size. The video claims to be of a hidden version of the promotional page for the two new iPhone models that will be on Apple’s website.

The veracity of the video is difficult to confirm, but the resolution and screen sizes have been leaked previously by 9to5 Mac. Their report revealed that the likely screen resolution for both devices will be 960×1704. The pixel density of the 4.7″ will be 416 ppi and the 5.5″ would be 356 ppi. This corroborates what we see in the above video, so it lends credibility to the rest of the information in there.

While in the abstract, as I said in my recent opinion piece, the 416 would be overkill, it actually makes sense. Having the same resolution on each device keep iOS developers from having to create new graphics that can scale on each iPhone, but rather will scale on all iOS screens. The 960×1704 resolution maintains the 16:9 aspect ratio of previous models.

Our featured image comes from the aforementioned 9to5 Mac leak. Jimmy Lin’s images give us our first good look at the back of a pre-release iPhone 6. Do you like what you see? Let us know in the comments!

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