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Samsung Galaxy F rumors: images, specs leaked

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There have been various rumors about Samsung’s impending release of a new flagship smartphone that will supersede the Galaxy S5 as new top dog in their lineup. It now seems that this phone will be called the Galaxy F. We are now getting even more information about this handset and we’ve rounded up the rumors for you.

Here are the basics of what we know/hear, spec-wise:

  • 5.3″, Quad HD AMOLED screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 16 MP rear camera

These were most recently reported by @EVLeaks, who is as good as they come for these sorts of rumors. They did mention that they have less confidence in those exact specs than normal, but those are in line with what we’ve been hearing about this device for months, so they will be close to that if not exactly those. They also reported that the Galaxy F, which was originally rumored to be called Galaxy S5 Prime, will replace the S line once and for all.

We have more confidence in a few recent leaked press renders, one of which is the featured image for the article (thanks EVLeaks, once again). The notion that this phone will have a brushed metal design has picked up steam and makes perfect sense as Samsung has been moving further away from the glossy plastic that was shipped on their devices for several years. It appears that the heart rate sensor is making a return from these images.

Most recently, noted tipster EVLeaks posted images of a golden version of the handset. I’m not a big gold fan, but it seems the golden iPhone 5S was fairly popular, so this must be a matter of taste.

Source: @EVLeaks

Source: @EVLeaks

PhoneArena has gotten their hands on a black version of this device and nothing that they have seen or heard contradicts the rest of what is out there. You can see the difference between the S5 and the alleged Galaxy F in this image, below:


The phone on the left is the alleged Galaxy F, which is most distinctive in this image for have much smaller bezels than the S5. The outer rim seems to blend better with the black front plate, as well. Here’s another look at the black Galaxy F, thanks again to PhoneArena:

galaxyfleak4It appears the Samsung Galaxy F will be released in September. Are you excited for this or do you think it’s just an S5 in a metal body?

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